Alumina Industry

A number of research projects have been conducted for the Australian alumina industry involving Bayer surface chemistry, refinement of the Bayer process ... Read more

Alumina refinery

Mineral Sands Industry

Central Chemical Consulting has worked with mineral sand producers in a variety of areas. We have carried out projects to improve the chemical and physical environments for ... Read more

Mineral sand samples

Flotation of Fine Sulphides

Central Chemical Consulting conducted a research based project for numerous base and precious metal companies investigating the flotation of fine sulphides. This project ... Read more

Mineral Froth

Heavy Liquids

Central Chemical Consulting developed a safe, improved heavy liquid for material separations. The resulting low viscosity, low toxicity water-based heavy liquid replaces the ... Read more

Low viscosity, low toxicity LST Heavy Liquid

Corrosion of Mild Steel

Central Chemical Consulting has conducted a project to determine the corrosion rates for mild steel in contact with crude oil. Central Chemical Consulting was asked ... Read more


BLAIR: Bayer Liquor Analysis

Central Chemical Consulting developed an alternative method for Bayer liquor analysis called BLAIR (Bayer Liquor Analysis by Infra-Red). This work was developed ... Read more

BLAIR system

Chemical Audit of Lithium Carbonate Production

Central Chemical Consulting have provided chemical audits on the two main process routes for lithium carbonate production. ... Read more

Lithium carbonate

Product Improvement

Central Chemical Consulting was approached by a client to help improve the properties of their water sealing grout. Based on laboratory based test work ... Read more

Settling tank

Tailings & Rheology

Central Chemical Consulting has conducted numerous projects involving rheology measurements on tailings. One such project involved the underflow tailings ... Read more


Construction & Building

Central Chemical Consulting developed a cement based render for a construction industry client. The render was part of an insulated wall cladding system. ... Read more


Thermal Analysis

Central Chemical Consulting has helped numerous clients through our thermal analysis based projects and measurements. This work has been conducted ... Read more

Lithium carbonate

Iron Ore

Central Chemical Consulting has conducted work for the iron ore industry. The project involved the removal of clays and fines from the iron ore ... Read more

Iron oxide