Specialist Testing

Central Chemical Consulting has instrumentation not found in many other facilities that it utilises to solve its client's technical problems and answer their questions. Central Chemical Consulting can help to plan and run longer term laboratory based test work programs as well as conducting shorter term one off measurements or testing. Some information on the instrumentation we have and the useful data they provide is given.

Infra Red Spectroscopy

Shimadzu IRPrestige-21 FTIR and Bruker Alpha-P spectrometers with various infra-red accessories including ATR for liquids, solids, thin films and coatings. Used for the characterisation, verification and quantification of materials and products.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

We offer characterisation and imaging of material surfaces including mineral grain particle size and shape analysis. Our facilities provide back scattered electron (BSE) images magnifications of greater than x10,000 using a Hitachi TM3000 scanning electron microscope.

Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

TA Instruments SDTQ600 for thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and differential thermal analysis (DTA). Provides information on mass, chemical and physical changes to a material (solid) with temperature.

Electrochemical Workstation

Our CHI electrochemical workstation provides a full range of electrochemical techniques including cyclic, pulse and AC voltammetry. For electrochemical characterisation and analysis of anodic/cathodic reactions and redox behaviour.

UV/visible Spectrophotometry

Varian Cary 50 Bio UV-visible spectrometer for the collection of UV/visible spectra of gases, solutions/liquids and solids. Colour measurements (diffuse reflectance) for solids and pigments using an integrating barrel accessory.


TA Instruments AR-G2 controlled stress rheometer for rheological measurements of liquids, slurries and pastes from approximately 0 to 100°C. Capable of determining most rheological properties including yield point, viscosity, elasticity, creep and recovery data. The high sensitivity of this rheometer allows us to detect extremely small changes in sample rheology.

Particle Sizing and Surface Charge

Dispersion Technology DT1200 electroacoustic spectrometer for zeta potential and particle sizing measurements of dispersions and slurries. Relevant to solid settling, dispersion, flocculation and filtration processes. This instrument is also capable of performing acoustic attenuation and sound speed measurements.

Bayer Liquor Analysis

Central Chemical Consulting has developed Bayer Liquor Analysis by Infra Red (BLAIR), a system capable of analysing full strength Bayer liquors (caustic aluminate solutions) for alumina (A), total caustic (C), total alkalinity (S), sulfate, chloride and solution density. BLAIR also provides information on a range of organics including total organic carbon (TOC), oxalate, acetate, formate, succinate and malonate. These measurements can be performed on volumes as low as 20 μL in less than 5 minutes.

Additional Measurement/Testing Capabilities

Central Chemical Consulting can conduct laboratory based corrosion test work, carbonation front and chloride ingress determination for concrete, as well as froth flotation, pH, conductivity, chloride, dissolved oxygen, density, moisture and settling tests.

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Specialist Testing Services

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