LST Heavy Liquids

Central Chemical Consulting undertook research to provide a safe, improved heavy liquid for material separations. The result was a patented low viscosity, low toxicity water-based heavy liquid to replace the toxic organic liquids such as bromoform and tetrabromoethane. LST Heavy Liquid is used widely in the mineral sands industry and in many research and testing laboratories for geological separations based on density. Software was also developed which simulated gravity settling of various minerals in heavy liquids. LST Heavy Liquid is manufactured by Central Chemical Consulting and now exported for use in over 60 countries.

Low toxicity, low viscosity LST Heavy Liquid

BLAIR: for the alumina industry

Central Chemical Consulting developed an alternative method for Bayer liquor/caustic aluminate solution analysis called BLAIR (Bayer Liquor Analysis by Infra-Red). This technology was developed in-house at Central Chemical Consulting and provides a rapid and accurate analysis on volumes as low as 20 μL of Bayer process liquors. It can measure the total alumina (A), total caustic (C), total alkalinity (S) as well as total organic carbon (TOC), oxalate, acetate, formate, succinate, malonate, sulfate and chloride. The BLAIR technology is also capable of measuring the Bayer liquor density. All this information can be gained from a single measurement on an untreated Bayer liquor sample in less than 5 minutes.

BLAIR system