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Example publications by researchers at Central Chemical Consulting

“Method and System for the Measurement of Chemical Species in Caustic Aluminate Solutions”, Vincent Andrew Patrick, Cameron James Patrick, and Emmanuel Karakyriakos, European Patent 2002238, 2014.

Bayer Liquor Analysis by Infra-Red (BLAIR) for Process LiquorsMERIWA Report 298, Vincent A. Patrick, Emmanuel Karakyriakos, Bob van Emden, Martin Finn and Robert Patrick, March 2013. ISBN 1920981594.

Fine Particle Agglomeration in Process SlurriesMERIWA Report 295, Emmanuel Karakyriakos and Vincent A. Patrick, June 2012. ISBN 192098156X.

“Enhanced electrostatic separation by reducing stains on HT roll separators” MERIWA Report 288, B. van Emden and V.A. Patrick, October 2010. ISBN 1920981497.

Measuring particle surface charge and particle interactions in process liquorsMERIWA Report 282, E. Karakyriakos, C.J. Patrick, and V.A. Patrick, May 2010. ISBN 1920981438.

Industrial applications using improved measurements of particle surface chargeMERIWA Report 253, E. Karakyriakos and V. Patrick, June 2005. ISBN 192098111X.

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“Surface Properties of Aluminum Hydroxide at High Salt Concentration”, W.N. Rowlands, R.W. O’Brien, R.J. Hunter and V. Patrick, J. Colloid and Interface Science, 1997, 188, 325-335.

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Report from the British Gelogical Survey, on the "Use of lithium heteropolytungstate as an alternative to bromoform for heavy media separations".

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