Bayer Liquor Analysis by Infra-Red (BLAIR) is a new technology developed at Central Chemical Consulting. It is a fast and accurate analysis for process control in alumina refineries, and has many advantages over existing titration methods.

Comprehensive analytical information

BLAIR uses spectroscopic measurements to provide a complete Bayer liquor analysis for the following quantities: alumina, total caustic, total alkalinity, carbonate, sulfate, chloride, derived caustic ratios, total organic carbon (TOC), organics breakdown ratio (Borg), oxalate, malonate, formate, acetate, succinate and liquor density. All this information comes from a single BLAIR measurement on one small sample.

Fast and convenient

A complete BLAIR analysis takes less than three minutes for a manual measurement, or five minutes in an automated system. There is no need for dilution or the addition of other reagents. There are no messy titrations, and few moving parts.

Consistent results

BLAIR has industry-standard precision and reliability. Testing results show a typical relative standard deviation (RSD) of 0.5% for repeated measurements of alumina, caustic and soda.

Process control

Specifically designed for alumina refineries, BLAIR provides rapid, rich information on species in Bayer liquors.

BLAIR applications


BLAIR offers the lowest cost method for collecting engineering data on the alumina process, by combining many analytical functions into one streamlined instrument.

Further information

More details about BLAIR are available at www.bayertechnologies.com or by contacting Dr Vincent Patrick at Central Chemical Consulting.

You can download a copy of the BLAIR product brochure here.

BLAIR system
BLAIR samples
BLAIR system